[pmwiki-users] DynamicWikiTrails - for categories, approach?

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Wed Oct 23 05:29:34 CDT 2013

thanks for the hints, which gives me some ideas.

I experimented also with DynamicWikiTrails, which allows to keep the  
trailindex as URL parm, which seem to work as expected.

A very basic question remains open in case of a category index.
I just made a trace test, to look wether it's possible to take a  
category page as trail index.
a) <|[[Trail Category/Gross Page]]|>
b) <|[[Trail Category:Gross Page]]|>  workarround with intermap (as  
described in pmwiki)

a) resolves in  Category/Gross?action=edit
b) strange result, probably doesn't support external links here.

I will try next PageListWikiTrails which might help to generate the  
category list as trail index (what I need).

Patrick Ogay

Quoting Simon <nzskiwi at gmail.com>:

> I use a pagelist - from Site.LocalTemplates
> !! #grouptrail
> Use the parameter @@TrailPage@@ to set the return or parent page.
> If not set it will default to the group of the pagelist.
> (:markup class=horiz:)
>>> comment<<
> [[#grouptrail]]
> (:template default wrap=inline TrailPage="{*$Groupspaced}"
> name=-HomePage,-RecentChanges,-RecentUploads,-SideBar,-Template,-GroupHeader,-GroupFooter,-GroupAttributes:)
> (:template each:)
> (:if false:)-< [-- *'{*$FullName}' ='{=$FullName}' --](:ifend:)
> (:if equal {*$FullName} {=$FullName}:)
> %wikitrail%[[{<$FullName} | {<$Namespaced}]] < [[{$$TrailPage}]] >
> [[{>$FullName}| {>$Namespaced}]]
> (:ifend:)
> [[#grouptrailend]]
>>> smaller<<
> (:pagelist group={*$Group} list=all fmt=#grouptrail:)
> (:markupend:)
> (see for example
> ttc<http://ttc.org.nz/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Site/LocalTemplates#grouptrail>
> )

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