[pmwiki-users] DynamicWikiTrails - for categories, approach?

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Mon Oct 28 10:27:44 CDT 2013

I found a solution now, thank you for the hints...
It was not easy for me to understand the principle of trails with  
trailindex and the correlation with pagelists und pageformats.
The other thing was, that there is no unique relationship between page  
and category.

With DynamicWikiTrails (:trailindex:) one can set a url parameter,  
which makes sense in the Category/GroupHeader page.
(:trailindex:) generates a URL parm ?Trail=CurrentGp/CurrentPage (I  
didn't find out, how to keep the URL parameter.)
After the first setting of pageindex, in pagination the URL parameter  
can be read by {*$Trail} and can be passed to the trail-pagelists,  
which generates the link to "next".
Also a link to "the first item in a category", can be generated with a  
pagelist which accepts a parameter, which is the trail index.

So my category trails work o.k.

Patrick Ogay

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