[Pmwiki-users] WYSYWYG in PmWiki

infom@bcci.bg infom
Tue Dec 16 12:52:12 CST 2003

Hallo everybody!

About a month ago I proposed to Patrick to integrate WYSYWYG editing for
text areas in PmWiki. Now the same question to the entire community -
maybe someone has?

The rationale: some users resent even the simplest mark-up, especially
after they have worked with MS Word-like tools (such as FCKeditor). They
simply don't take to the very nice tool that PmWiki is.

Meanwhile, a sample implementation can be found on
http://www.seedwiki.com/. I would be happy if somebody could implement an
add-on for this in PmWiki as well. The tool I mentioned is at

Ideally, this wouldn't replace the "usual" Wiki markup but rather allow
the WikiAdmin to set up the basic design -imagine web design with only a
web browser ;-) - and create some areas for users' editing.

I would highly appreciate your feedback and/or add-ons.

Thanks in advance,

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