[Pmwiki-users] WYSYWYG in PmWiki

Paul Williams paul
Tue Dec 16 14:49:38 CST 2003

So, like a java applet that allows the user to select
header levels, bullets, numbered lists etc, generates
the PMwiki markup and POSTs it to the edit script?

That doesn't sound too hard.  OTOH, there's something
to be said to make the user understand WTF they're
doing.  If any ol' idiot can post, any ol' idiot will
post, probably something idiotic.

I'm not against a minimal barrier to entry...

--- infom at bcci.bg wrote:
> Hallo everybody!
> About a month ago I proposed to Patrick to integrate
> WYSYWYG editing for
> text areas in PmWiki. Now the same question to the
> entire community -
> maybe someone has?
> The rationale: some users resent even the simplest
> mark-up, especially
> after they have worked with MS Word-like tools (such
> as FCKeditor). They
> simply don't take to the very nice tool that PmWiki
> is.
> Meanwhile, a sample implementation can be found on
> http://www.seedwiki.com/. I would be happy if
> somebody could implement an
> add-on for this in PmWiki as well. The tool I
> mentioned is at
> http://www.fredck.com/FCKeditor.
> Ideally, this wouldn't replace the "usual" Wiki
> markup but rather allow
> the WikiAdmin to set up the basic design -imagine
> web design with only a
> web browser ;-) - and create some areas for users'
> editing.
> I would highly appreciate your feedback and/or
> add-ons.
> Thanks in advance,
> Kremena
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