[Pmwiki-users] adding PmWiki/WikiEngine and question about upgrading

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Mon Dec 29 12:54:40 CST 2003

With the holiday season and my move to a new apartment I'm just now
catching up on some email messages...

On Tue, Dec 16, 2003 at 05:14:21PM +0100, Christian Ridderstr?m wrote:
> I needed a page that just quickly describes what a WikiEngine is, and 
> since this page logically should be in the group PmWiki, I created it here:
> 	http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/PmWiki/WikiEngine
> I hope this is the correct way to behave, i.e. adding it to the 
> PmWiki-site? If not please let me know how I should go about when adding 
> documentation to PmWiki. 

Like any good wiki, I highly encourage new contributions and edits to the 
PmWiki documentation on the pmichaud.com site.  So, this is highly appropriate
and greatly appreciated.  

> When you upgrade your PmWiki-installation, the directory wikilib.d/, how 
> is the contents of that directory treated? Is it deleted, overwritten or 
> what? 

The files in the distribution overwrite the files in wikilib.d/, so that
you receive the latest version of the documentation.  Of course, if you've
made local edits to the distributed pages, then those edits are stored in
wiki.d/ and are not overwritten.

If you have other pages stored in wikilib.d/ besides the ones that come with
the PmWiki distribution, they aren't affected by a PmWiki upgrade.


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