These define various default site preferences, including access keys and component sizes.

  # Access keys
  'ak_edit'          => 'e',     # edit page
  'ak_history'       => 'h',     # page history
  'ak_recentchanges' => 'c',     # Recent Changes
  'ak_save'          => 's',     # save page
  'ak_saveedit'      => 'u',     # save and keep editing
  'ak_preview'       => 'p',     # preview page
  'ak_em'            => 'i',     # emphasized text (italic)
  'ak_strong'        => 'b',     # strong text (bold)

  # Editing components
  'e_rows' => '10',              # rows in edit textarea
  'e_cols' => '70',              # columns in edit textarea

If you'd like to customize these preferences in your browser, make a copy of this page somewhere on this site, edit that page with your new preferred settings, and then select this link on the page containing your newly created settings. A cookie will be placed on your browser that tells PmWiki where to find your preference settings.

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