My great passion is in bringing people and technology together, both by designing and building systems that make technology usable, and by communicating with people to make technology more understandable.

  • Resume (PDF, 103K)
  • Full Curriculum Vitae (PDF, 130K)

PmWiki, the software running this site, is an example of such a system, as it seeks to make it easier for people to collaboratively create and maintain web sites (see SuccessStories and the PmWikiPhilosophy). Most of the systems I have built over my career in computing have focused on the application of technology to making people's lives better.

I've been programming professionally (contract or otherwise) for over thirty years, and for fourteen years was a faculty member at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. While at A&M-Corpus Christi I was director and/or principal investigator for over $36 million in externally funded projects, I was the network and system administrator for research and teaching computing environments, and I taught courses in object-oriented systems, programming languages, and systems programming.

I have extensive experience in software development and project management, especially in projects making extensive use of open-source tools and methods. From 2004 to 2014 I was the lead developer for the Rakudo Perl 6 compiler.

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