I'm very pleased to announce the official release of PmWiki version 0.6.0, available now from . There may still be a few quirks floating about here and there, but the basic package appears to be pretty stable and solid. Most of the existing documentation has been updated for the new release, but many of the new features of 0.6.0 still need documentation. Major features include author tracking, more complete internationalization support, a greatly improved layout scheme (including built-in support for sidebars, skins, and stylesheets), numerous markup improvements, and overall better XHTML output.

Acknowledgements and thanks go to the many people who helped with this version of PmWiki, including:

Reimer Behrends, Simˇ Albert Beltran, Glenn Blalock, Bram Brambring, James Davis, Bob Dively, Scott Duff, John Feezell, Jean-Claude Gorichon, Dawn Green, Tom Hoover, Nathan Jones, Christian Kehl, Nils Knappmeier, Ross Kowalski, Steven Leite, Nick Loui, Ruediger Marwein, Dave Noonan, Jason Perkins, John Rankin, Christian Ridderstr÷m, E. Duncan Scott, Robin Sheat, Thomas -Balu- Walter.

If I missed anyone on this list, I truly apologize (let me know and I'll make amends somehow).

If you find PmWiki to be useful or helpful, you can now express your support and thanks in cash, see :-).

The release notes for 0.6 are available at PmWiki.ReleaseNotes6. People upgrading from existing 0.5 sites should read the release notes carefully, as many substantial changes have been incorporated into this release. In addition, check out for comments and hints about migrating from version 0.5 to 0.6.

Thanks again for your continued support of PmWiki.

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Page last modified on March 02, 2006, at 04:21 AM