Don't confuse the evidence of something with its cause.

We are the magicians, the sorcerers, the wizards. And our magic comes from within, though we often deny its existence and our role in casting the spells.

Clearer contrasts sometimes come from comparing two similar things.

Pm's application of Linus' Law to web site maintenance: given enough editors, web maintenance is shallow.

Energy is contagious.

I set myself on fire, and people come again and again to watch me burn.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, and an animation is worth a thousand pictures (i.e., a million words), then if you use an animation in web design you should make sure you have something worth a million words to animate. (Idea came from attending a web lecture by Dr. Don Berkich.)

We all have principles. The only question is which principles we choose to keep.

Be aware of your weaknesses
Focus on your strengths

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