[pmwiki-users] Minor issue(s) in sample-config.php

Robert Riebisch rr at bttr-software.de
Sun Jan 2 08:01:50 PST 2022

Hi Petko,

> On 01/01/2022 22:27, Robert Riebisch wrote:
>> docs/sample-config.php says:
>> ##  By default, pages in the Category group are manually created.
>> ##  Uncomment the following line to have blank category pages
>> This doesn't seem to be true in that way, that my fresh PmWiki
>> installation already creates Category.* pages, whenever I insert, e.g.,
>> [[!FooBar]] into a page, although the $AutoCreate line is commented out
>> in my local/config.php, that I copied from docs/sample-config.php.
> Does it actually create the page files in wiki.d?

No, it doesn't so. I'm sorry for the confusion.

> Normally in a fresh installation the category link has a specific HTML 
> snippet, and the link looks like links to existing pages, even if the 
> category page doesn't exist (e.g. not a link to Category?action=edit).
> Also, when you follow a link to a category page that doesn't exist or 
> open its URL, PmWiki doesn't show the "Site.PageNotFound" page, but 
> shows the empty page with the HTTP response code 200 (OK).
> This is by design. By default the Category.GroupFooter contains a 
> pagelist with backlinks, so even a non-existing category page will 
> function properly.

Thanks for your explanation.

>> I would also prefer if you turn any remaining "## Text" lines into "##
>> Text" (two spaces) to make docs/sample-config.php look more nice.
> Done.


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