[pmwiki-users] Minor issue(s) in sample-config.php

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Jan 1 21:57:08 PST 2022

Hi Robert,

On 01/01/2022 22:27, Robert Riebisch wrote:
> docs/sample-config.php says:
> ##  By default, pages in the Category group are manually created.
> ##  Uncomment the following line to have blank category pages
> This doesn't seem to be true in that way, that my fresh PmWiki
> installation already creates Category.* pages, whenever I insert, e.g.,
> [[!FooBar]] into a page, although the $AutoCreate line is commented out
> in my local/config.php, that I copied from docs/sample-config.php.

Does it actually create the page files in wiki.d?

Normally in a fresh installation the category link has a specific HTML 
snippet, and the link looks like links to existing pages, even if the 
category page doesn't exist (e.g. not a link to Category?action=edit).

Also, when you follow a link to a category page that doesn't exist or 
open its URL, PmWiki doesn't show the "Site.PageNotFound" page, but 
shows the empty page with the HTTP response code 200 (OK).

This is by design. By default the Category.GroupFooter contains a 
pagelist with backlinks, so even a non-existing category page will 
function properly.

> I would also prefer if you turn any remaining "## Text" lines into "##
> Text" (two spaces) to make docs/sample-config.php look more nice.



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