[pmwiki-users] Sidebar and main part of page with no content

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Sep 12 09:53:08 PDT 2020

Both actions "source" and "diff" appear to work fine:


but not when the history has markup processed:


so my guess is some markup processing causes the blanking of the pages.

In the past, without any other warning or error message,  the most 
frequent reason for a blank page or section was a call to 
htmlspecialchars() in a recipe/addon/skin.

With recent PmWiki versions, any call to htmlspecialchars() can be 
replaced with a call to PHSC() which is a PmWiki helper function that 
safely calls htmlspecialchars().

Depending on how the server is configured, it is possible that another 
function call may cause this. (Recent PHP versions change the rules and 
something that worked fine in earlier PHP versions may stop working 
after a server upgrade. I try hard to follow and fix any such cases, or 
implement and document workarounds.)

It may be helpful to enable PmWiki diagnostics and open the page


where some custom markup rules may be marked as obsolete.

Again, try disabling (commenting out) *all* recipes and local 
configuration, then enable one and see if it works or becomes blank. 
Then proceed to the next one.

See https://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/Troubleshooting -- read all 
sections, including the first one and the one on blank pages (since 
source and diff actions work, it is likely NOT a problem with file 
permissions but with something else).


On 12/09/2020 17:47, Marcel Schweiker wrote:
> Dear all,
> I really hope you can help me out after a full day of trying to solve 
> this.
> My page based on pmwiki was blank (no content) when I started this 
> morning
> - despite working a few weeks ago, when I checked the last time. I then
> upgraded this morning from 2.2.8 to the latest version of pmwiki and 
> also
> upgraded all recipes.
> The result is, that header and footer are visible and working, but all 
> else
> (sidebar left and main content) are not there.
> I checked the $EnableRelativePageVars issue as I upgraded from 2.2.8 
> (no
> change with setting it to 0 or 1) and also manually 
> activated/deactivated
> all recipes individually (no change in the pages behaviour). I am not 
> sure
> how to work with a test page, because I cannot login for editing as the
> login fields are on the main part of the page, which is not displayed.
> I am using the maguila skin, which might be an issue, but I have the 
> same
> behaviour when switching to pmwiki skin.
> Any help would be highly appreciated. The page is elfgestirn.de

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