[pmwiki-users] Sidebar and main part of page with no content

Marcel Schweiker marcelschweiker at googlemail.com
Sat Sep 12 12:46:02 PDT 2020

Thanks a lot for your immediate reply. This got me into the right
direction. In case this is of interest to you, there have been multiple
recipes and customizations causing the trouble. I believe some of them have
this issue https://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/CustomMarkup - at least I
could not find htmlspecialchars() in those recipes, but many Markup
statements in the old style. Will need to understand how to update these
Markup calls.
I had to disable all of the following and so far only the gallery one is
leading to lost content.

$Skin = 'maguila';
include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/fox/fox.php"); # and all other fox related
lines of code
include_once(" $FarmD/cookbook/gallery.php");

Markup('ProcessForm', '<{$var}',
  "ProcessForm(\$pagename, strtoupper('$1'))");
function ProcessForm($pagename, $method)
    global $InputValues, $FmtPV;
    if ($method == "GET")
        $method_array = $_GET;
        $method_array = $_POST;
    foreach ($method_array as $k=>$v) {
       $foo = PHSC($v,ENT_NOQUOTES);
       # This keeps the field values current with the form from submission
       # submission, but has nothing to do with PTV
       $InputValues[$k] = $foo;
       # Single quotes cause havoc in pmwiki.php (line 754 eval in 2.2.0
       # unless they are escaped with \.  This line escapes any unescaped
       # quote and turns any existing escapes into double-escapes.
       $foo = preg_replace('/\\\\/', '\\\\\\\\\\\\', $foo);
       $foo = preg_replace("/(?<!\\\)'/", "\'", $foo);
       $foo = preg_replace("/\"/", '"', $foo);
       # This creates a Page Variable for use in the rest of the page
       $FmtPV['$'.$k] = "'$foo'";

So thank you again for your help!

Am Sa., 12. Sept. 2020 um 18:53 Uhr schrieb Petko Yotov <5ko at 5ko.fr>:

> Both actions "source" and "diff" appear to work fine:
>    http://www.elfgestirn.de/Verein/HomePage?action=source
>    http://www.elfgestirn.de/Verein/HomePage?action=diff
> but not when the history has markup processed:
>    http://www.elfgestirn.de/Verein/HomePage?action=diff&source=n
> so my guess is some markup processing causes the blanking of the pages.
> In the past, without any other warning or error message,  the most
> frequent reason for a blank page or section was a call to
> htmlspecialchars() in a recipe/addon/skin.
> With recent PmWiki versions, any call to htmlspecialchars() can be
> replaced with a call to PHSC() which is a PmWiki helper function that
> safely calls htmlspecialchars().
> Depending on how the server is configured, it is possible that another
> function call may cause this. (Recent PHP versions change the rules and
> something that worked fine in earlier PHP versions may stop working
> after a server upgrade. I try hard to follow and fix any such cases, or
> implement and document workarounds.)
> It may be helpful to enable PmWiki diagnostics and open the page
>     http://www.elfgestirn.de/Verein/HomePage?action=ruleset
> where some custom markup rules may be marked as obsolete.
> Again, try disabling (commenting out) *all* recipes and local
> configuration, then enable one and see if it works or becomes blank.
> Then proceed to the next one.
> See https://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/Troubleshooting -- read all
> sections, including the first one and the one on blank pages (since
> source and diff actions work, it is likely NOT a problem with file
> permissions but with something else).
> Petko
> On 12/09/2020 17:47, Marcel Schweiker wrote:
> > Dear all,
> > I really hope you can help me out after a full day of trying to solve
> > this.
> > My page based on pmwiki was blank (no content) when I started this
> > morning
> > - despite working a few weeks ago, when I checked the last time. I then
> > upgraded this morning from 2.2.8 to the latest version of pmwiki and
> > also
> > upgraded all recipes.
> > The result is, that header and footer are visible and working, but all
> > else
> > (sidebar left and main content) are not there.
> > I checked the $EnableRelativePageVars issue as I upgraded from 2.2.8
> > (no
> > change with setting it to 0 or 1) and also manually
> > activated/deactivated
> > all recipes individually (no change in the pages behaviour). I am not
> > sure
> > how to work with a test page, because I cannot login for editing as the
> > login fields are on the main part of the page, which is not displayed.
> > I am using the maguila skin, which might be an issue, but I have the
> > same
> > behaviour when switching to pmwiki skin.
> > Any help would be highly appreciated. The page is elfgestirn.de

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