[pmwiki-users] Sidebar and main part of page with no content

Marcel Schweiker marcelschweiker at googlemail.com
Sat Sep 12 08:47:24 PDT 2020

 Dear all,
I really hope you can help me out after a full day of trying to solve this.
My page based on pmwiki was blank (no content) when I started this morning
- despite working a few weeks ago, when I checked the last time. I then
upgraded this morning from 2.2.8 to the latest version of pmwiki and also
upgraded all recipes.
The result is, that header and footer are visible and working, but all else
(sidebar left and main content) are not there.
I checked the $EnableRelativePageVars issue as I upgraded from 2.2.8 (no
change with setting it to 0 or 1) and also manually activated/deactivated
all recipes individually (no change in the pages behaviour). I am not sure
how to work with a test page, because I cannot login for editing as the
login fields are on the main part of the page, which is not displayed.
I am using the maguila skin, which might be an issue, but I have the same
behaviour when switching to pmwiki skin.
Any help would be highly appreciated. The page is elfgestirn.de
Thank you in advance, Marcel
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