[pmwiki-users] PmWiki Changing Titles.

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Jul 28 01:18:44 PDT 2019

Sorry for the late reply.

PmWiki by itself doesn't have "subpages", it has "pages" that are 
contained in "WikiGroups", but addons can implement other ways.

> Windows Servers
>             Turn Off Page redirection
>             Drive Mapping

Do you mean you have a WikiGroup "WindowsServers", and your URLs are 


If this is your case, you can change just the page title with this 
markup in the wiki text:

   (:title Windows Systems:)

Or you can actually move the content to a different file name and URL, 
see the addon MovePage:


To rename the whole group, it depends if you have a custom $WikiDir 
setting. If you have enabled this:


then your files are grouped in per-group directories/folders inside the 
wiki.d directory. In that case:

1. rename the directory wiki.d/WindowsServers to wiki.d/WindowsSystems

2. rename all text files inside wiki.d to replace the part 
"WindowsServers" with "WindowsSystems", for example rename 
"WindowsServers.DriveMapping" to "WindowsSystems.DriveMapping"

3. If you have a "homepage file" with the old group name like 
"WindowsServers.WindowsServers" rename both parts to the new group name, 

4. delete the file wiki.d/.pageindex to let PmWiki rebuild the search 

If you don't have custom $WikiDir setting, then all your page data files 
are in the wiki.d directory. In that case just follow 2. to 4. above.

In addition you need to check the links in these or other pages, if you 
have links to the old location, change these to the new location. 
Searching for the old group name, eg WindowsServers, will list pages 
that may potentially have such links.

If by "subpage" you mean you have some other configuration, you need to 
provide more information. There are a few recipes (addons) that organize 
pages differently:


If you are in one of these cases, or another one, maybe try to contact 
the maintainer, or tell us more.


On 19/07/2019 02:58, Omniware wrote:
> Hello All,
>  Can't work out the answer, hope this isn't an "in face question /
> answer"
> If I change the name to a Page Call then I lose the sub pages
> associated to it.
> How can I change the Page Call Name and retain my sub pages
> e.g.
> Windows Servers
>             Turn Off Page redirection
>             Drive Mapping
> If I change Window Servers to Windows System; I lose the two pages
> mentioned above
> Item Two:
> Possibly same answer as above but I get everything out of the way at
> once ...
> If I have a called page and change its name I lose the data; I find I
> have to copy the data before I change the name, then paste into the
> new name.
> a. How can I change the calling Name & the called name without losing
> data
>         e.g.
> Windows Servers
>             Turn Off Page redirection
> Change the name at Windows Severs and change the target name.

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