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Hello All,
  Can't work out the answer, hope this isn't an "in face question / answer"

*_Item One:_*
If I change the name to a Page Call then I lose the sub pages associated 
to it.
How can I change the Page Call Name and retain my sub pages
Windows Servers
             Turn Off Page redirection
             Drive Mapping
If I change Window Servers to Windows System; I lose the two pages 
mentioned above

*_Item Two:
_*Possibly same answer as above but I get everything out of the way at 
once ...

If I have a called page and change its name I lose the data; I find I 
have to copy the data before I change the name, then paste into the new 

a. How can I change the calling Name & the called name without losing data
Windows Servers
             Turn Off Page redirection

Change the name at Windows Severs and change the target name.

Huge thanks for any ideas.


Many Thanks

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Kind Regards,

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