[pmwiki-users] Valid HTML and CSS in pmwiki-responsive skin

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Nov 21 03:55:56 PST 2018

On 21/11/2018 09:50, Moni Kellermann wrote:
> To fix these errors, I suggest:
> - remove the <type> attribute in the HTML

No. These are required for HTML4 and optional for HTML5 (not forbidden, 
not an error) so for the time being they will stay.

> - remove the 12 lines in skin.css that trigger the warnings (methinks
> they are obsolete)

CSS silently ignores unrecognized or new rules and values, 
intentionally, by design. These above are recognized by older versions 
of the popular web browsers, and are ignored by new versions which use 
the standard rules, so your website looks mostly good in both old and 
new browsers. If we remove them the older browsers will ignore the 
currently standard rules and your website will not look the way you'd 
expect. This includes a number of mobile browsers on thousands of device 
models which cannot be upgraded but would display the page correctly 
with the non-standard vendor extension.

> - line 360 in skin.css currently has
>     max-width: auto;

Thanks, will be fixed for the next PmWiki version (to "none").

> I checked a local installation of pmwiki-responsive with the suggested
> fixes and they resulted in "vaild" HTML and CSS.

Nothing prevents a custom skin to ship without the older browser 
compatibility, but indeed for the PmWiki default skins the community may 
decide to go one way or the other. In the past the general feeling was a 
pragmatic one: we don't intentionally break browser and device 
compatibility, especially in the default skins. If this feeling has 
changed, the code can be updated.


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