[pmwiki-users] Images markup

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Tue Dec 8 19:06:07 CST 2015

Looking at (and playing with) several examples on the web[1,2,3 among
others] I am under the impression (wrong?) that:
 - The way pmwiki handles images html markup could be improved.
 - Ending up with a more semantic html might help in several ways,
from easier, powerful styling[4] to better indexing of images by
search engines.
 - Updating the way images markup is processed would perhaps not be
too hard. [This is absolutely a bling guess of mines, as I know
nothing about it. But looking at several scripts and considering that
pmwiki already does most of the job, I dare to think that the step
should not be a huge one.]
 - Pmwiki standard image structure is very good; both easy to write
and robust enough to provide all the elements needed to create a rich
markup which can include figure, img, figcaption and possibly a
copyright notice as well[5]. Copyright notices (sadly often neglected
by many) could be added after an optional second pipe, perhaps.

  image.jpg"Text" | Caption | Copyright

 could turn into

     <img src="image.jpg" alt="Text" />

Just an idea.


[1] https://codepen.io/dudleystorey/pen/twAqk
[2] http://captionjs.com/
[3] http://bolatovumar.github.io/captionify/
[4] Just an example
[5] http://stackoverflow.com/a/21489636

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