[pmwiki-users] Batch-mode for PmWiki?

Hans design1 at softflow.uk
Tue Dec 1 09:28:10 CST 2015

Hello Jens,

I got your iterator script going. I removed those & from the =&
operators, and it was working okay.
I rewrote it somewhat and integrated it into my HTML Export function,
and made the pagelist more fancy, so it will combine excluded and
included wildcard patterns. Happy wit hit now.
Thanks for the tip! I would have never thought of using
   meta http-equiv="Refresh" ...
that works brilliant!

The exporting is a bit slower than with my previous method, but that
was to be expected, as PmWiki is now properly rendering each page; no
more problems with Page variables, hurrah!

Best regards,
mailto:design1 at softflow.uk

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