[pmwiki-users] Images markup

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Sat Dec 12 13:58:59 CST 2015

Adding this line to config.php

  $ImgTagFmt="<figure><img src='\$LinkUrl' alt='\$LinkAlt'

seems to bring me closer to the goal but:
 - I am not aware of the real, sound approach to the matter;
 - I cannot foresee if important issues might arise;
 - I found no way to let the system grab the "caption" value (the one
that can actually be set after a pipe), and would never guess how to
"create" the "copyright" value (perhaps offering the system to set a
second pipe?).

Still, in some way it all seems to go towards the solution, and it
seems to me not too distant also.
Am I too naive?



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