[pmwiki-users] strange behavior after migration to php 5.4 (and php 5.3 fastcgi)

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Tue Oct 7 06:50:41 CDT 2014

Hello again

I have several websites on a resseller account. One case kills me.
The installaton use independet (different) pmwiki releases.
I can switch to old release php 5.3 (but doesn't solve all of my problems)

Tests with php 5.3 fastcgi
http://casa-debellis.ch/Public/ZimmerAbendSonne (2.2.0 Beta 68)
renders correctly, attaches are o.k. (old wiki)

carpet-art.ch  (pmwiki 2.2.65)
on this recent wiki I have a
attach: problem also php 5.3 and php 5.4

So for my tests on php 5.4 (fastcgi)

first I checked the paths:
-->>http://carpet-art.ch/pm/orientalcarp/uploads This is a new pmwiki,

path seem o.k. to me:
-->>http://carpet-art.ch/pm/orientalcarp/uploads/Carpet/00049.jpg (found)

Testpage with attach 00049.jpg

*not found**: (upload link) link seem o.k. to me

since ages I use a structure, with wikifarm and "nice urls", for the  
main wiki.

/ (document root)

what I have to test:
[] attach in plain wiki
[] attach in wiki-farm with minimal configuraton
[] I havn't found a php-error in the logs, which could explain strange  
[] reeinstall wiki, plain, farm, plugin by plugin...

this wiki works with php 5.4
(probably older wiki versionwithout wikifarm, an with less plugins)

I really not expected such migration problems :-(

any hints are appreciated
thanks in advance

Patrick Ogay

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