[pmwiki-users] fastcgi - (persistent) login not possible - sessionproblems?

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Tue Oct 7 06:14:19 CDT 2014

Hi Petko

Thanks for version Hint.
I have seen that I have one installation (carpet-art.ch) with a recent  
pmwiki, The login essions behaved an o.k. with php 5.3 fastcgi.

I guess the php 5.4. I have some not yet defined "side effects", which  
makes the test extremly difficult.

Patrick Ogay

Zitat von Petko Yotov <5ko at 5ko.fr>:

> What is your PmWiki version? Try a upgrading to a more recent PmWiki version.
> Do you use the PersistentLogin recipe? It doesn't work on some  
> hostings with FastCGI and I haven't had the time to investigate why.  
> So try disabling the recipe and report if you can log in.
> Petko

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