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I think the Comments-UseCases page related to an RFC on how PmWiki would move forward with more "blogging support" in the core installation (per the RoadMap circa 2006-7, now planned for 2.3 release argh!).  The question was how the commenting system should behave so that the changes needed in PmWiki (or PmForm in this case) could be implemented.  The problem being that unauthorized users (web visitors) would be able to plant content on web pages either via comments or in this case could be used for recording RSVPs for events.

My implementation for (Cookbook/)XESBlog is to save data to a separate group and require admin approval before comments are displayed publicly.  This means I can make sure there are no "naughty" injections and that people have followed proper netiquette before the public can see the comments.  It works fairly well and I have low comment spam on sites using it.  It uses PmForm.  I just don't remember how I did it :)

On May 25, 2014, at 2:37 AM, Petko Yotov wrote:

> Chris Knadle writes:
>> I was on the hunt for some way of using PmWiki for doing RSVPs and found this
>> page via a search and which is listed under cookbook in the "Forms" section:
>>    http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Comments-UseCases
>> ... the problem is that after spending a couple of days trying to implement
>> "Case 3" concerning RSVPs, we've come to the conclusion that this page isn't a
>> recipe at all, but rather it's a "this is how we users would like comments to
>> work", but the page doesn't seem to state that.  :-(  [...]
> Alternatively or in complement, you can create a form like the one in Case 3 and process it/save it/mail it with PmForm.
>  http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/PmForm
> I haven't used or reviewed the other form-procesing recipes in the cookbook.

I have only used Zap and PmForm.  I have no doubt that the capability is in PmForm, but the documentation is thin (there are only simple examples for saving data).  I'm not sure how to insert data on the same page at a specific point in the page, as in the example RSVP form (Case 3) which inserts the name of the person submitting (form input text field) into the page at (above or below?) an anchor tag (e.g. [[#yes]], [[#no]], [[#maybe]]) while leaving former entries alone.  

How does one do that in PmForm?  I could use it myself on several websites.  The other thing that would be useful is a headcount, so one can hide the list of names, but increment the headcount on the page (i.e. "yes: 10" on the page).  Functionally: someone types in their name, chooses "yes/maybe/no" in a drop-down, and upon submit it adds their name to the correct list and increments the appropriate counter.

I wish I had the time to play with PmForm just to document it more thoroughly.

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