[pmwiki-users] Uploads Error Page

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Wed Dec 18 15:40:59 CST 2013

StefCT writes:
> Below I have pasted the error message I got. I'm a little bit doubtful about  
> the latter part (from "Or, for a slightly more secure installation, try  
> executing" through "chmod 755 /UNIONFS/var/www/Wiki3"). Is this correct?  
> Apparently no uploads/ directory is being created when I follow those  
> alternative instructions.

This is correct, but there is an omission in the core. Before reverting the  
Wiki3 permissions to 755, upload a single file. PmWiki will create the  
uploads/ directory and its subdirectories with the correct permissions.  
After a first file is upoaded, you can, and should, chmod the Wiki3  
permissions back to 755.

The upload.php script uses the core function mkdirp() which is primarily  
used to create the wiki.d directory and its subdirectories. The instructions  
you read are for it. I should think of a way to allow a custom error  


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