[pmwiki-users] Uploads Error Page

StefCT stefct4 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 15:03:15 CST 2013


Today I tried to upload an image to a local test Wiki, but it turned out 
that I had forgotten to create an uploads directory (although I had 
enabled uploads in my config.php).

Below I have pasted the error message I got. I'm a little bit doubtful 
about the latter part (from "Or, for a slightly more secure 
installation, try executing" through "chmod 755 
/UNIONFS/var/www/Wiki3"). Is this correct? Apparently no uploads/ 
directory is being created when I follow those alternative instructions.

I am using PmWiki version pmwiki-2.2.57.

Maybe I should have posted this to PITS instead... I'm not sure. Or 
maybe I just misread the whole thing somehow?

-- StefCT

Warning: mkdir(): Permission denied in /UNIONFS/var/www/Wiki3/pmwiki.php 
on line 585
PmWiki can't process your request

PmWiki needs to have a writable uploads/ directory before it can 
continue. You can create the directory manually by executing the 
following commands on your server:

     mkdir /UNIONFS/var/www/Wiki3/uploads
     chmod 777 /UNIONFS/var/www/Wiki3/uploads

Then, reload this page.

Or, for a slightly more secure installation, try executing

     chmod 2777 /UNIONFS/var/www/Wiki3

on your server and following this link 
[http://localhost/Wiki3/index.php]. Afterwards you can restore the 
permissions to their current setting by executing

     chmod 755 /UNIONFS/var/www/Wiki3


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