[pmwiki-users] Wiki maintenance

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Thu Aug 29 15:10:03 CDT 2013

michael paulukonis writes:
> Where would a page on wiki-maintenance at PmWiki.org go?
> The pages under PmWiki/ get bundled for distribution, correct?

On pmwiki.org, pages that are into the distribution have a small gray star  
before the "View Edit History..." actions.

> In which case, site-specific notes should be frowned upon.
> Thus, a note regarding "don't put stuff into the PmWiki/ group" wouldn't go  
> into the PmWiki group... so.... where?

Notes related to the pages should go to their *-Talk pages. For example,  
questions not yet answered, things you are not sure, ideas for improvements  
(but you can be bold and improve the pages without long discussions).

If you need me to look into a page, place a category link [[!UpdateMe]] near  
the place where I should look (a short message about what I should do can  
help me if it is not clear enough).

If I understand correctly, the [[!Maintenance]] category was used in the  
past for pages needing some fixing.

I am not sure if pages in the core distribution should have any categories  
in them.


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