[pmwiki-users] Petko's E2100/US$2, 963 bid for WYSIWYG capability

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Fri May 20 02:29:41 CDT 2011

On Friday 20 May 2011 05:01:10, Radu Luchian wrote :
> Quote from top of donations page: "Also note that although Petko has
> estimated the likely effort, no-one has yet committed to actually doing the
> work."
> ... and further down, quoting Petko's email: "The cost of this work is
> estimated to be 2100 euros. My company doesn't collect VAT. A receipt or a
> number of receipts will be available."
> That last part sounded pretty committed to me...

Indeed, that part sounds committed.

I'm not sure if the word "donations" is correct. When you hire a contractor, 
do you make donations to his company? When you go to work, are they paying you 
in donations? (English is not my native language, but in the other languages I 
use, the word is different.)

> Petko, you mentioned that you have a list of things you plan to do for the
> editor; what's on the donations page sounds pretty vague.

As I mentioned already, the thing is not yet written, it needs planning and 
some decisions need to be made before it works. We have a goal (visual rich 
text editing in PmWiki), we don't have all the technical details of exactly 
how it will be done - if someone did, the thing would have been written.

> Especially "The
> rich-text editor will be in addition to the normal wiki-text editor."
> sounds strange... why have 2 toolbars?

I intend to keep the ?action=edit mode that is used now, and likely to have a 
different mode ?action=something that will enable editing of rich-text page 

> Are we going to wind up with html AND wiki markup in the pages? 

Extremely unlileky.

> I could not make it cross-browser - it
> would work only in IE5.5, so I gave it up.

The RTE will most likely not work in antique browsers. I'll do my best for it 
to work in the browsers, currently used by at least 2/3 of the desktop users.



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