[pmwiki-users] Odd behaviour - wikicmds div missing at times

Peter Payzant pce at accesswave.ca
Sun Dec 25 14:31:24 CST 2011


I'm new to PmWiki, and am in the throes of getting it configured for my 
site. I have done the following:

  - enabled AuthUser
  - created two authorization groups, each populated with an initial set 
of users
  - Created a WikiGroup for the exclusive use of one of the 
authorization groups
  - added one of the authorization groups to the view and edit 
categories of that Wiki group
  - enabled a default 'read' password in config.php
  - set up my own skin

The passwords and authorizations are set up so that anybody can see the 
home page, but to see any other pages, you have to log in.

I'm getting a behaviour which I don't understand. At times,  the 
"wikicmds" div (View/Edit/History/Attach/Print/Backlinks/Logout) is not 
appearing on my pages. At other times it does appear as usual. The pages 
without it are valid according to the W3C validator - the HTML for that 
div is simply not present.

I can't work out the circumstances under which this div doesn't appear. 
Can anyone shed any light on this?


Peter Payzant

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