[pmwiki-users] Problem with translations

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sat Dec 17 08:22:59 CST 2011

If you use the recipe "PerGroupSubDirectories", you need to add the 
installation code for this recipe before your call of 

Explanation: the XLPage() function loads the PmWikiNl.XLPage file to read the 
translated phrases. If at that time your PerGroupSubDirectories recipe is not 
yet initialized, XLPage() will try to load the page from its default 
locations, first wiki.d/PmWikiNl.XLPage, then wikilib.d/PmWikiNl.XLPage.


On Saturday 17 December 2011 14:59:13, Daniel wrote :
> I installed the Dutch translation and it looks like it is working OK.
> Now I want to change and add phrases, and when I edit (in PmWiki) the
> PmWikiNl.XLPage and I add things like
> 'Source' => 'Bron',
> 'Read more...' => 'Lees meer...',
> And when I Save the page, I see nothing changing. I checked every
> obvious possible mistake like syntax, permissions. Even reinstalled i18n-nl
> I noticed however a new file created named
> wiki.d/PmWikiNl/PmWikiNl.XLPage
> and when I copied that back to wikilib.d/PmWikiNl.XLPage , (overwriting
> the original) my changes were visible. It seems logical to me that
> pmWiki should read wiki.d/PmWikiNl/PmWikiNl.XLPage for the latest version.
> Is this so, and why then doesn't this work? (Or: how can I find out
> myself what is going wrong?)
> I run a fresh pmwiki-2.2.35 install, and these are 2 lines from my
> config.php
> include_once("scripts/xlpage-utf-8.php");
> XLPage('nl','PmWikiNl.XLPage');

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