[pmwiki-users] Problem with translations

Daniel dkml at xs4all.nl
Sat Dec 17 07:59:13 CST 2011

Hello there, here is another probably simple problem, I looked through
the docs but cannot find an answer.

I installed the Dutch translation and it looks like it is working OK.

Now I want to change and add phrases, and when I edit (in PmWiki) the
PmWikiNl.XLPage and I add things like

'Source' => 'Bron',
'Read more...' => 'Lees meer...',

And when I Save the page, I see nothing changing. I checked every
obvious possible mistake like syntax, permissions. Even reinstalled i18n-nl

I noticed however a new file created named
and when I copied that back to wikilib.d/PmWikiNl.XLPage , (overwriting
the original) my changes were visible. It seems logical to me that
pmWiki should read wiki.d/PmWikiNl/PmWikiNl.XLPage for the latest version.

Is this so, and why then doesn't this work? (Or: how can I find out
myself what is going wrong?)

I run a fresh pmwiki-2.2.35 install, and these are 2 lines from my


Thanks for any help

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