[pmwiki-users] wiki fixed structure

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Fri Jan 30 04:56:47 CST 2009

>>  http://www.kirpi.it/Test/FixedStructure?userlang=en

> Do you think it would be feasible to :
> 1 - when clicking on the 'edit this section' to  go directly to the edit
> page of the subsection page, instead of the subsection page first.

This is easy, just drop the "%newwin%" in the  'edit this section' markup.

> 2 - once finishing editing the subsection to go directly back to the main
> page with fixed structure (someting with an automaic redirect from the
> subsection page)

Most probably there *is* a way.
But this goes far beyond my shallow knowledge.


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