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boris pezzatti boris.pezzatti at wsl.ch
Fri Jan 30 01:09:58 CST 2009

Thanks a lot Luigi!

That is a good way.
Do you think it would be feasible to :
1 - when clicking on the 'edit this section' to  go directly to the edit 
page of the subsection page, instead of the subsection page first.
2 - once finishing editing the subsection to go directly back to the 
main page with fixed structure (someting with an automaic redirect from 
the subsection page)

Kind regards,


kirpi at kirpi.it wrote:
> Here http://www.kirpi.it/Test/FixedStructure?userlang=en you can find
> a bi-language page (could be expanded to as many languages you need.
> Also, the very page is locked with a fixed structure, while sections
> can easily be edited.
> Please feel free to edit and/or ask for more.
> Luigi

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