[pmwiki-users] wiki fixed structure

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Fri Jan 30 07:21:25 CST 2009

>> once finishing editing the subsection to go directly back to the main
>> page with fixed structure (someting with an automaic redirect from the
>> subsection page)

Ok, pleae try and go here http://www.kirpi.it/Test/FixedStructure?userlang=en
Then visit both sections and see the first 3 lines.
Now sections show a link to the "parent" page, but such link is
invisible when they are included into the parent page.
Also, the link is useful to properly understand what the section is
and to which other page it is related.

I think it could be both a good and simple solition, just to be
refined a little bit.


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