[pmwiki-users] PmWiki and Pagelist as report generator

Peter & Melodye Bowers pbowers at pobox.com
Thu Aug 21 10:51:48 CDT 2008

> Producing the individual pages manually using the ordinary pmwiki editor
> was fine when there were only two or three a week. However, we're going
> to need lots more, and it would be useful to use an input form to write
> out the individual pages.
> Is there a way in PmWiki of having a form that collects values of
> variables and then writes them out, not to an email, but to a new wiki
> page whose name is constructed from variables in the form?

I'll probably later move this solution to Cookbook/WikiShExamples, but for
now there is a working prototype (purely test data - feel free to punch it
around) at 


(I don't usually leave them as "live" examples -- I thought this one was
particularly cute as an example of a very simple flat-file (non-relational)
database that could be really functional and is very extensible in terms of
validations and etc...)

>From there you can edit and save the PTV values or create new pages using
the supplied field/button.  Each page kinda-sorta contains its own
"make-me-into-a-form" code so when you view the page it will view it in a
user-friendly form interface even though the page itself is basically just
data with a 1-line WikiSh function call.  You can still go to action=edit or
action=source to see the (now hidden) PTVs that it's based off of.

I followed your PTV names and etc just for consistency, but I only did a
subset of them.  Adding the rest is just a typing exercise...

If you are looking at the solution you will also be interested in these

* WikiShForms.Template  - the content that is copied into place when a new
page is created (all it does is (:include PageContent:)
* WikiShForms.PageContent - the actual content of the page that gets pulled
in -- just a function call now, but you could add something else on this
page and all "data" pages would automatically "be updated" with the "new
* WikiSh.WikiShForms-GroupRC - the location of the function definition
(active for this group but nowhere else)

There's all kinds of capabilities for validating the data in the form as
well.  I haven't done anything like that because I don't know what your
requirements are...

I didn't do anything with the pagelist reports because it seemed like you
already had that going well and just needed the form solution, right?

Hope that helps!


PS Whether you use this solution or not, I strongly recommend taking a look
at the use of (:include {$Group}.PageContent:) to bring in your view-table
from one master copy rather than having it hard-coded on each individual
page.  (Maybe you're already doing this and just didn't mention it in your
email - if so, ignore this paragraph.)  Otherwise at some inevitable point
in the future someone is going to have the unenviable task of going through
and hand-editing a bunch of pages in order to allow for an additional field
or a change in a label or something like that...  Just a tho't.

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