[pmwiki-users] PmWiki and Pagelist as report generator

Steve Glover steve.glover at ed.ac.uk
Thu Aug 21 12:07:24 CDT 2008


> I'll probably later move this solution to Cookbook/WikiShExamples, but for
> now there is a working prototype (purely test data - feel free to punch it
> around) at 

This looks really good. I'd hoped to look at the WikiSh and Fox 
approaches during the last few days, but - as ever when I think I've 
time to work on the website - we suddenly got busier in other areas.

I'll get back to this after the weekend, but just wanted to say thanks 
for now!



PS Thanks also to Vince and Russ: I'll be picking up on the power of Fox 
for use elsewhere later!

> http://www.qdk.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=WikiShForms.2008-08-21-something 
> (I don't usually leave them as "live" examples -- I thought this one was
> particularly cute as an example of a very simple flat-file (non-relational)
> database that could be really functional and is very extensible in terms of
> validations and etc...)
>>From there you can edit and save the PTV values or create new pages using
> the supplied field/button.  Each page kinda-sorta contains its own
> "make-me-into-a-form" code so when you view the page it will view it in a
> user-friendly form interface even though the page itself is basically just
> data with a 1-line WikiSh function call.  You can still go to action=edit or
> action=source to see the (now hidden) PTVs that it's based off of.
> I followed your PTV names and etc just for consistency, but I only did a
> subset of them.  Adding the rest is just a typing exercise...
> If you are looking at the solution you will also be interested in these
> pages:
> * WikiShForms.Template  - the content that is copied into place when a new
> page is created (all it does is (:include PageContent:)
> * WikiShForms.PageContent - the actual content of the page that gets pulled
> in -- just a function call now, but you could add something else on this
> page and all "data" pages would automatically "be updated" with the "new
> look"
> * WikiSh.WikiShForms-GroupRC - the location of the function definition
> (active for this group but nowhere else)
> There's all kinds of capabilities for validating the data in the form as
> well.  I haven't done anything like that because I don't know what your
> requirements are...
> I didn't do anything with the pagelist reports because it seemed like you
> already had that going well and just needed the form solution, right?
> Hope that helps!
> -Peter
> PS Whether you use this solution or not, I strongly recommend taking a look
> at the use of (:include {$Group}.PageContent:) to bring in your view-table
> from one master copy rather than having it hard-coded on each individual
> page.  (Maybe you're already doing this and just didn't mention it in your
> email - if so, ignore this paragraph.)  Otherwise at some inevitable point
> in the future someone is going to have the unenviable task of going through
> and hand-editing a bunch of pages in order to allow for an additional field
> or a change in a label or something like that...  Just a tho't.

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