[pmwiki-users] PmWiki and Pagelist as report generator

Russ pmwiki at russhosting.com
Wed Aug 20 07:36:22 CDT 2008

Hi Steve,

I use PTV's and pagelists in a similar way.  Using Hans' excellent Fox 
(http://pmwiki.com/wiki/Cookbook/Fox) and FoxEdit 
(http://pmwiki.com/wiki/Cookbook/FoxEdit) recipes, I am able to create 
and edit pages with a user-friendly input form, saving the form data as 
PTV's on the target page.

In a recent example, I used Fox for a used car dealer to create 
inventory listings.  The entry / new vehicle form that creates the page 
uses the vehicle's stock # as the PageName:

(:fox inventoryform #top target='{$$stock}' redirect=1 
template=VehicleTemplates#newvehicle :)
|| '''Stock#:'''||(:input text stock size=30:) ||
|| '''Year:'''||(:input text year size=30:) ||
|| '''Make:'''||(:input text make size=30:) ||
|| '''Model:'''||(:input text model size=30:) || ... etc.

Russ Jackman

Steve Glover wrote:
> Now, I finally come to the actual question:
> Producing the individual pages manually using the ordinary pmwiki editor 
> was fine when there were only two or three a week. However, we're going 
> to need lots more, and it would be useful to use an input form to write 
> out the individual pages.
> Is there a way in PmWiki of having a form that collects values of 
> variables and then writes them out, not to an email, but to a new wiki 
> page whose name is constructed from variables in the form?
> Thanks
> Steve

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