[pmwiki-users] newbie installation trouble

potax flan potaxpotax at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 18:25:39 CDT 2006

> Does that help, at all?

it does. thanks to all. i think i got it up and running now. more
questions soon :~)

On 9/28/06, Tegan Dowling <tmdowling at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 9/28/06, potax flan <potaxpotax at gmail.com> wrote:
> > i just tried editing the index.php by clicking on the "edit" link in
> > the footer and nothing really happens. it redirects me to
> > XXXXX/index.php?n=Main.HomePage?action=edit
> > but i cant really edit nothing there. i guess its something about permissions?
> > sorry if this is very obvious!
> >
> > p
> Is this installation publicly viewable?  Can you send a URI?
> With a PmWiki installation, the index.php is NOT the thing that is
> displayed on the web.  The index.php should really just point to
> PmWiki.php and that's it -- it doesn't get edited after that.
> The Main/HomePage is the usual starting point for someone coming to
> the site, and it's a file in the wiki.d directory.  It gets edited
> from within the wiki itself.
> Much of how each wiki operates is controled by settings you establish
> in the config.php file, which is typically located in the local
> directory.  That's where you would set your passwords.
> Does that help, at all?

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