[pmwiki-users] subtle pagelist template 'bug'

J. Meijer commentgg at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 27 20:40:46 CDT 2006

This is informational for most users as it refers to the use of $NameSpaced, most prominently in (pagelist) templates, but not limited to that. 

When pagelist templates contain {$NameSpaced}, or some other spaced varieties, the template should be written to use the spaced version as the link text. 

So don't use:



  [[{$FullName} | {$NameSpaced} ]]

The reason is that when spacing the original characters that make up the pagename may get lost. The obvious example is underscores: when spacing, these normally need to be converted to spaces. So when used as a link, the underscores can't be reinserted to form the correct link. The resulting 'bug' is subtle and leads to lost characters in the pagename with no apparent clue to what's happening. 

As yet there are no {$NameSpaced} versions in PageListTemplates. Nevertheless, template writers beware :-) 


ps Maybe better safe then sorry and include a note about this on PageListTemplates. 

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