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Jon Haupt jhaupt at gmail.com
Wed Sep 27 17:06:57 CDT 2006

On 9/27/06, Mike <mike at widowitz.com> wrote:
> I did a basic setup of BlogSimple2, and it seems to work. However it
> seems to be not very fully documented and thus a bit hard to understand
> for me. Do I understand the work flow for a blog correctly?
> * Create a page with the blog entry under a "reasonable" wiki page name,
> i.e. HolidayExperiences
> * Include the tag [[Blog]] somewhere in that page
> * Have a "blog index" page which is a clever pagelist that collects all
> the blog-related pages

Yes.  As long as you mean [[!Blog]] and not [[Blog]], for you want a link to
the category Blog, not just a link to a page called Blog.

Actually, it doesn't matter if it's [[!Blog]] or [[!FrenchFries]] or
anything else, as long as your (:pagelist fmt=#recentblog:) (or whatever)
markup is set up correctly.

My next step would now be to customize this blog index page. Obviously
> this has to go via a configuration of the pagelist. But how? Some things
> that come to my mind:
> * Get rid of the "Edit" link next to the blog entry title
> * Change layout of blog entry titles, or actually make the whole layout
> customizable

I think the template is set up so that you'd see the edit link only if you
have editing privileges, but you could just delete it if you prefer.  It was
set up that way so that the editor would have an easy way to get to the edit
page.  Certainly the whole layout is customizable using the templates.

* Get full titles, e.g. don't write "HolidayExperiences" or "Holiday
> Experiences" but rather "My cool experiences from my holidays" - I've
> seen at your page that it's possible...

You can do this by using (:title:) markup, so like (:title My cool
experiences from my holidays:).  I'm still not clear on whether you'll need
to use (*:title:) or anything like this as a result of the current beta
series... but I haven't checked this recipe for compatibility yet anyway.

* Use tags for blog entries to categorize them into stuff like "News",
> "Pics", "Holiday", "Tech" etc...

Yep, or just categories.

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