[pmwiki-users] Use PmWiki for Blog and Gallery

Mike mike at widowitz.com
Thu Sep 28 03:52:19 CDT 2006

Hi Jon, thanks for the explanations.

Jon Haupt wrote on 28.09.2006 00:06:
[Blog setup]
> I think the template is set up so that you'd see the edit link only if
> you have editing privileges, but you could just delete it if you
> prefer.  It was set up that way so that the editor would have an easy
> way to get to the edit page.  Certainly the whole layout is customizable
> using the templates.

Which templates are resposible for the layout of the Blog Index page?

>     * Use tags for blog entries to categorize them into stuff like "News",
>     "Pics", "Holiday", "Tech" etc...
> Yep, or just categories.

Ok, that seems to fulfill what I wanted.

I have one more problem: Now that I read-protected the whole site except
the Blog and the Main group, the Blog Index (with pagelist) doesn't work
anymore unless I use the read password (which the average user won't
have). Obviously I locked the access to something that pagelist needs -
but I don't know which page I'd need to "unlock". Would you know where
this is?


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