[pmwiki-users] AddDeleteLine version 2.0beta2

The Editor editor at fast.st
Fri Sep 22 15:35:30 CDT 2006

Actually Martin, I'm thinking of implementing the basic templating
concept of Nils fine recipe into FAST Data.  It is already set up for
this and will increase the flexibility of its logging and emailing
capabilities.  I will also make these templates available to FAST
Data's makepage function, allowing you to generate basically any kind
of page you want, from a from. It will be a different syntax than his,
but do the same thing--plus more.

While Nils is trying to keep his recipe focused on one specific
functionality, I'm trying to make FAST Data a full-functioned forms
processing engine--approaching near programming-level capabilities:
with conditionals, string replacements, etc, to change field values,
and resulting functions on the fly.

Anyway, in light of that, I might be more willing to work with you on
trying to set something like this if 1) you don't need it right away,
and 2) you would be willing to help me here and there if I get stumped
along the way. You'd also have to explain a bit more clearly what you
want.  I was just as stumped as Nils by the idea of selecting multiple
radio boxes or multiple textboxes with the same name.  Didn't quite


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