[pmwiki-users] AddDeleteLine version 2.0beta2

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 22 16:13:30 CDT 2006

--- Nils Knappmeier <nk at knappi.org> wrote:

> If you like, you can put your ideas at the bottom of
> the cookbook page, and when I find the time, I 
> might implement it.

Sure, would you merge contributions if I code them? :)

> > 1) Allow multiple things to be appended in one
> >    pass so that if a form uses radio buttons to 
> >    allow multiple items in a list to be selected, 
> >    they could all be appended at the same spot. 
> Radio buttons can only select one item in the list,
> you mean checkboxes, right?

Yes, sorry, checkboxes.

> I don't really understand this one.
> Do you have a specific application for that? Or is
> it just nice to have?

Imagine a pagelist template with a checkbox for each
page.  I want to be able to select pages from a list
and paste them all to another page to automatically
create a new wiki trail!

> > 2) Allow a special input form markup, maybe (:adl
> > pagebottom:) and (:adl pagetop:), which cause
> > stuff to be ap/pre-pended to a page even if there 
> > is no (:adl append|prepend:) on the page.  

> This should be an easy one. I might do this some
> time.

Again, usefull to create trails without a preexisting
page.  The user can specify which page with a form

> > 3) An option to filter out blanks entries
> >    (especially valuable with option #1 if using 
> >    multiple textboxes with the same name.)
> Multiple textboxes with the same name? I don't think
> this is possible in HTML. 

Sure, I do it all the time.  PHP is set to handle it
nicely if you name your form elements like this:


PHP will put each one nicely in an array named
$_GET["Category"] for you.

> I don't really see the need for this one.
> Or maybe I don't understand it.

OK, now imagine a form which sits in a GroupFooter
which allows users to easily Cagtegorize pages in that
group.  The form might have about 5 text boxes named
Category[], and if any of them are filled out when the
form is submitted, than the categories will get
appended to the end of the page.  

This probably would be implemented with a special
cookie based browsing mode which would turn on/off
this form so that it is not usually visible.  It would
really make overhauling categories on a site much

Another way to do this would be with a single text box
and some special templating feature that could
identify elements separated by commas and potentially
append them each with the same template.  Something
like this
  (:adl csvtemplate "* [[!{Category}]]":)
which would repeat the append for each comma separated
value in the Category text field.

> > 4) This one is probably a no-go, but I figured I'd
> > mention it anyway.  Specify a trail in the input
> > form and add the specific data to ALL the pages on

> > the trail!
> >   
> Same thing here. When would somebody want to do
> that?

Building on the previous ideas.  Imagine if I am
trying to categorize many pages at once.  This is
particularly usefull for me since I categorize my
photos and I would like to be able to look at them all
and pick out individuals in the photos and use their
names as a category.  Allowing users to view my
collection by person/location...

So, the plan was to have a pagelist with checkboxs
(and thumbnails for each page) allowing me to select
pages that have a specific person on them.  All these
selected pages would create a trail.  The new trail
page would have a form allowing me to input the
category (the name of the person).  This category
would then be appended to all the pages on the trail

A little convoluted, maybe, but each phase is valuable
in its own right and the two stage application of
categories is nice since it allows me to first select
the pages and review them before applying the
category(ies) to each page.

Like I said... I have big plans for your nifty recipe.



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