[pmwiki-users] AddDeleteLine version 2.0beta2

Nils Knappmeier nk at knappi.org
Fri Sep 22 15:17:31 CDT 2006

Hi Martin,

at the moment, I won't do any extensions. If you like, you can put your 
ideas at the bottom of the cookbook page, and when I find the time, I 
might implement it.

But I am actually working on my diploma thesis right now and I already 
spent the whole day yesterday working in this recipe.

At the moment, I try to fix bugs, make it robust and stable. But 
extensions will have to wait a while. Just a few comments on your requests:
> 1) Allow multiple things to be appended in one pass so
> that if a form uses radio buttons to allow multiple
> items in a list to be selected, they could all be
> appended at the same spot. (either on separate lines
> or invent a template syntax to specify exactly how)
Radio buttons can only select one item in the list, you mean checkboxes, 
I don't really understand this one.
Do you have a specific application for that? Or is it just nice to have?
> 2) Allow a special input form markup, maybe (:adl
> pagebottom:) and (:adl pagetop:), which cause stuff to
> be ap/pre-pended to a page even if there is no (:adl
> append|prepend:) on the page.  Maybe to be turned on
> at the admins request?
This should be an easy one. I might do this some time.
> 3) An option to filter out blanks entries (especially
> valuable with option #1 if using multiple textboxes
> with the same name.)
Multiple textboxes with the same name? I don't think this is
possible in HTML. I don't really see the need for this one.
Or maybe I don't understand it.
> 4) This one is probably a no-go, but I figured I'd
> mention it anyway.  Specify a trail in the input form
> and add the specific data to ALL the pages on the
> trail!
Same thing here. When would somebody want to do that?


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