[pmwiki-users] Unanswered posts from last week

The Editor editor at fast.st
Wed Sep 20 06:20:40 CDT 2006

Below are a few unanswered questions from last week I thought I'd
re-ask as they seem to have gotten lost in the pile.  Thanks for any
help anyone can provide.

Group Conditional:
I have $Conditions['exists'] = "PageExists(\$condparm)"; in my config
to check if a page exists and would like something similar to see if a
group exists.

Single Page Attributes:
Is there any way to tell if there are any page attributes set for a
given page?  I can use
(:if exists {$Group}.GroupAttributes:) ...
to check if group attributes are set, but I'd like something to check
if any single page overrides have been set.  Thanks


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