[pmwiki-users] shopping cart cookbook - oscommerce vs PmWiki

Marc Cooper gmane at auxbuss.com
Tue Sep 19 16:35:21 CDT 2006

Crisses said...
> (oscommerce vs PmWiki)
> Round 1: Fight!
> I had my first experience with oscommerce and MAN am I pissed.  I  
> ranted about it in my blog if anyone is interested (and YES, it  
> mentions PmWiki) at http://www.eclectictech.net/etblog/ (right now  
> it's the 2nd entry since I put a delicious (food!) recipe in last  
> night).

Shopping baskets - I deign to call them carts - are fairly easy in 
PmWiki. I based one on the freely available wfcart class and it only 
took a couple of hours, including checkout and sidebar "module".

Here's my checkout page.

  (:DisplayCheckout updatelabel='Update' :)
  (:if ! equal {$CartItemCount} "0" :) (:ClearCart:)

I do things this way:

  (:AddProduct prodcode=BLA price=45.67 desc='Blah product' label='Buy 
  (:RemoveProduct prodcode=BLA label='Remove BLA' :)
  (:EditQuantity prodcode=BLA :)


Cart total: £{$CartTotal}
Cart items: {$CartItemCount}
Cart quantity: {$CartQuantity}

Kinda makes the equivalent in OScommerce, Joommla!, etc, look a little 
over engineered :-o


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