[pmwiki-users] shopping cart cookbook - oscommerce vs PmWiki

The Editor editor at fast.st
Tue Sep 19 13:00:16 CDT 2006

Interesting the shopping cart idea comes up just now, as one of the
purposes for developing the FAST Data recipe initially was to use it
for setting up a shopping cart on my site. And I just finished that

I have a very simple idea in mind that might work for some carts, that
uses FAST Data for the front end, a little javascript thing from my
current cart on the backend (might rewrite to php) and then send the
finished order to paypal for payment.  While throwing out ideas,
here's what I was going to do.  Comments?

1) Give each product its own wiki page, with a simple add to cart
button (with optional quantity box).  A simple data form in the
groupheader/footer.  These would be stored on some specified data page
linked to a user and perhaps the date (allowing you to search past
order archives by member or date).

2) When the checkout button is clicked, all the data in the data page
(basically quantities for selected items) would be retrieved and put
into an editable order form (allowing the user to change quantities or
delete items easily.  Personal information like realname, phone
number, address, are retrieved if available from the member data file.

3) My current javascript script (or perhaps a new php script) collect
the quantities from the form and calculates subtotal, shipping, etc.,
for a grand total.  Currently this is done onload and onchange,

4) Once the order is confirmed and submitted it would be forwarded to
a payment page which displays the same info but puts it as text in a
table, ie, non-editable.  A payment button down at the bottom sends
the grand total to paypal (or if a secure server, add credit card

5) A thank you page and/or reciept pops up.

Though I've only had time to think this through conceptually, it looks
easy enough to set up without any (much) new coding.  Any comments or


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