[pmwiki-users] shopping cart cookbook - oscommerce vs PmWiki

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Tue Sep 19 16:55:14 CDT 2006

On Sep 19, 2006, at 5:35 PM, Marc Cooper wrote:

> Crisses said...
>> (oscommerce vs PmWiki)
>> Round 1: Fight!
>> I had my first experience with oscommerce and MAN am I pissed.  I
>> ranted about it in my blog if anyone is interested (and YES, it
>> mentions PmWiki) at http://www.eclectictech.net/etblog/ (right now
>> it's the 2nd entry since I put a delicious (food!) recipe in last
>> night).
> Shopping baskets - I deign to call them carts - are fairly easy in
> PmWiki. I based one on the freely available wfcart class and it only
> took a couple of hours, including checkout and sidebar "module".
> Here's my checkout page.
>   (:DisplayCheckout updatelabel='Update' :)
>   (:if ! equal {$CartItemCount} "0" :) (:ClearCart:)
> I do things this way:
>   (:AddProduct prodcode=BLA price=45.67 desc='Blah product' label='Buy
> BLA':)
>   (:RemoveProduct prodcode=BLA label='Remove BLA' :)
>   (:EditQuantity prodcode=BLA :)
>   (:DisplayCart:)
> Cart total: £{$CartTotal}
> Cart items: {$CartItemCount}
> Cart quantity: {$CartQuantity}
> Kinda makes the equivalent in OScommerce, Joommla!, etc, look a little
> over engineered :-o

I'm more than willing to consider something such as WebForce Cart  
(http://www.webforcecart.com/ for anyone who can't find it in  
Google), but I'm pretty sure your example is leaving things out.  I  
don't see how you're plugging WFCart into PmWiki in your snippets.

If you could write up a full explanation of blending WFCart into  
PmWiki as a Cookbook recipe, I'd greatly appreciate it (as would  
others, I'm sure).  How do you handle coupons or discounts, product  
options, etc?  How well does it handle various payment processors or  
PayPal?  How do you deal with shipping info, customer names, shipping  
prices, etc?  Or do you allow PayPal to handle something like that?

Maybe it makes OSC etc. seem over-engineered, but there are options  
that people take for granted in shopping carts and I don't see an  
example of it in WFCart's example or in yours.

I also see from the 1 page documentation that WFCart out of the box  
requires you to write extensions to it for volume discounts and for  
item options.  That doesn't mean we can't consider it, since it's GPL  
and obviously simple to use from your example.



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