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Claus Futtrup napsal(a):
> Dear all,
> Again, please excuse my bone-head dumb questions.
> Let's assume that Pmwiki can still load when I get there tomorrow. I'd 
> like to make a new site named "Handbook" for my wiki. I must have read 
> the manual 10 times or more. A WikiFarm is probably not my choice - is 
> it smart to define a WikiGroup for my handbook?

To create new page easy you can use the cookbook "newpagebox.php" recipe

Download and install

in your Site.Sidebar place somewhere the markup

There are other alternatives - find them at

> OK, so let's say I would like to make a WikiGroup named Handbook. What 
> loads right now is the PmWiki sites ... where should I add the famous 
> link to my Handbook ... in the sandbox? ... is that really smart? I 
> mean, during an upgrade PmWiki will overwrite all the PmWiki 
> distributed files (potentially), right?
> Even though the PmWiki suggests that you can type a sub-address into 
> your browser directly (with no links from PmWiki) this seems not to be 
> the recommended way ... please guide me, should I do it anyway? What 
> should I do? Sorry for being confused about this.
It is usefull to choose what the name of the main page of the group will 
be. Chose "HomePage" or "Welcome" or something other - it's good to set 
the name the same as the groupname such as "Handbook.Handbook".

Then you can place in the Site.SideBar a link to a page which lists only 
the group's initial pages.

The page containig the list could be for example Site.GroupList
(:title Available Groups:)
(:pagelist name=Welcome order=title:) or
(:pagelist name=HomePage order=title:) or

or create a pagelist template

(:if equal {=$Group} {=$Name}:)

which lists only pages having the name the same as the groupname
an list them using
(:pagelist fmt=#bygrouptitle:)

> Afterwards, when my "Handbook" is started ... how will people access 
> this site directly - without a cryptic browser address and without 
> having to go through an irrelevant PmWiki documentation (Sandbox) 
> page? Please enlighten my - if you prefer links to a FAQ or so, that's 
> fine with me :)
> Best regards,
> Claus

If you expect a very frequent users access to some page, place a link to 
that page
[[Handbook.Handbook|Read the Handbook]]

into Site.SideBar, or into Site.RightBar

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