[pmwiki-users] Getting started

Martin Fick mogulguy at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 18 15:29:37 CDT 2006

--- Claus Futtrup <Claus.Futtrup at tymphany.com> wrote:
> OK, so let's say I would like to make a WikiGroup
> named Handbook. What
> loads right now is the PmWiki sites ... where should
> I add the famous
> link to my Handbook ... in the sandbox? ... is that
> really smart? I
> mean, during an upgrade PmWiki will overwrite all
> the PmWiki distributed
> files (potentially), right?

While PmWiki does come with some default Site group
files such as the SidaBar where others have suggested
that you put your link, this page will NOT be
overwritten when you upgrade pmwiki.  

What happens is that there is a directory called
wiki.d where all of your pages go and there is a
directory called wikilib.d which has the distributed
pages in it.  PmWiki has a clever built in page lookup
mechanism which first looks for pages in your wiki.d
and if it can't find them, it then looks in wikilib.d.
 The other clever piece is that when you edit
Site.SideBar which is originally in the wikilib.d
directory, a new Site.SideBar will be created in your
wiki.d directory.  These means that the default
Site.SideBar might get overwritten when you upgrade
pmwiki, but if you have modified it locally, the local
copy will not be overwritten and will still override
the new default one.

Hope that helps,


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