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The Editor editor at fast.st
Mon Sep 18 14:25:11 CDT 2006

It's much easier than you think, Claus.  Once you get the hang of it
you will love it.

Somewhere on your main page (or in the sidebar) just type
[[Handbook.Welcome]] or something similar.  When you save the page,
you should see the link.

Now, click it.  You'll go right to that page.  Make some changes and
save it.  That's all there is to creating a new page.  Plus, you
already have a working link to it from your main page. To go back to
the original page just create a link to it on your new page
[[Main.HomePage]] or whatever it is.

The main reason it's not recommended to do it from the browser bar is
you might mistype the link or something, plus you have to then go back
and create the link manually--and get it to match exactly.  Type the
link in the page, and use that to create the page, you can be sure it
always matches.

BTW, you can link to your newly created page from anywhere else in
your site just by typing in another [[Handbook.Welcome]].  There are
other ways to do the link.  For example, you might try:
[[Handbook/Welcome]] or better yet, [[Handbook.Welcome|Go to
Handbook]].  Play around (sandbox, sidebar, main page, wherever) and
have some fun.


On 9/18/06, Claus Futtrup <Claus.Futtrup at tymphany.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> Again, please excuse my bone-head dumb questions.
> Let's assume that Pmwiki can still load when I get there tomorrow. I'd like
> to make a new site named "Handbook" for my wiki. I must have read the manual
> 10 times or more. A WikiFarm is probably not my choice - is it smart to
> define a WikiGroup for my handbook?
> OK, so let's say I would like to make a WikiGroup named Handbook. What loads
> right now is the PmWiki sites … where should I add the famous link to my
> Handbook … in the sandbox? … is that really smart? I mean, during an upgrade
> PmWiki will overwrite all the PmWiki distributed files (potentially), right?
> Even though the PmWiki suggests that you can type a sub-address into your
> browser directly (with no links from PmWiki) this seems not to be the
> recommended way … please guide me, should I do it anyway? What should I do?
> Sorry for being confused about this.
> Afterwards, when my "Handbook" is started … how will people access this site
> directly - without a cryptic browser address and without having to go
> through an irrelevant PmWiki documentation (Sandbox) page? Please enlighten
> my - if you prefer links to a FAQ or so, that's fine with me :)
> Best regards,
> Claus
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